Why Choose Long Shot Training?

Our sole purpose - the reason we exist - is to provide high-quality, affordable firearms training for as many people as possible.

We specialize in four primary areas:

  1. State-mandated training for those seeking a Permit to Carry or Concealed Carry License
  2. Armed Self-Defense
  3. Introductory Handgun, Rifle & general Firearm Safety classes
  4. Practical Rifle and Shotgun Marksmanship

We are not former military or law enforcement, and do not teach the skills and tactics required by either of those professions.

We are educators who are passionate about working with every-day folks interested in learning the basic skills necessary to:

  • defend themselves and their loved ones with a firearm, in or outside of their homes
  • keep themselves and their children safe around firearms stored in the home or at their friend's homes
  • humanely hunt game by making first-shot kills every time
  • enter competitions, or simply enjoy a safe day at the range with their friends or family

We are happy to work with anyone, regardless of injury or disability, especially if you are seeking a Permit to Carry or Concealed Carry License.  If you have any type of physical limitation that makes it difficult or impossible to handle &/or fire a handgun in the standard way, we will work with you to figure out how to pass the state-mandated shooting qualification.

What We Believe...

  • We believe in the fundamental individual rights of Liberty, Property and Self-Defense, and that each individual has an absolute right to self-defense that exists not at the discretion of government, but is inherent within them because they are alive.
  • We believe that any individual who is both old enough to physically handle a firearm, and has not proven themselves to be a danger to others, has a right to possess and use a firearm for the purpose of defending themselves and others.
  • While we strongly believe that anyone who chooses to possess, carry or use a firearm for any legal purpose (self-defense, hunting, target shooting, etc.) should seek out and receive basic training in the safe use of firearms, we do not believe that anyone should be compelled to attend any type of state-mandated training prior to being allowed to do so.
  • We believe that the legal right to possess and use firearms in the United States is under direct assault by those either unable or unwilling to accept the simple truths that restrictions on the possession or use of firearms
    1. will not prevent criminals from possessing or using them, that
    2. such restrictions will only affect the law abiding, and therefore
    3. no restriction will succeed in its stated goal of reducing crimes of violence in which firearms are used.
  • We also believe - and multiple studies over many years have demonstrated - that the most effective way to reduce the number of accidental injuries and deaths due to firearms among the law abiding is basic firearm safety education.
  • Finally, we believe that too many firearms classes offered by other instructors attempt to cover too many topics in too little time, resulting in important issues being glossed over just so that they can claim their classes cover them.  Our philosophy is to cover every topic we discuss in depth, to take as long as is necessary to ensure that each student fully understands the material being covered, and to post everything discussed in class (and more) here on our web site so that students may review the material any time they'd like after class is over.  We believe this more focused approach results in our students not only retaining more of what they learn, but being better able to apply it outside of class.